Following on from information that has been gathered over the last year by the Laurencekirk Development Trust, we would like the community to prioritise what our next focus is. This evidence will help us apply for funding and prove that we are putting your needs first!

This should take 10 minutes. We really appreciate your time!
For the Laurencekirk needs that have been identified below can you please rate when you feel they are required;

More pedestrian crossings

Outdoor seating areas

Walking routes

Cycling routes



Family-friendly pub

Small business units

Traffic management

Parking strategy


Marked forest trails

Swimming pool

Bet you wondered how long it would take to get to swimming pool...

Clear signage

Visitor parking




Camping site

Farmers market

Petrol station


Employment opportunities

Rental residential accommodation

Retirement village

You are getting there, not much longer to go now!

Properties aimed at first time buyers


Youth club

Modern town "square"


Coffee bar

Activity Centre

Senior citizen drop in centre

Meeting rooms with storage space

Respite centre

Just a handful more...have we told you how much we value your input?

Lorry park

Wine bar

Green spaces

Climbing wall


Fast food establishment

What is your postcode?

What is your email address?

Are you happy for us to contact you in the future?

Please select your age range

Please select your gender

With the old school being knocked down and the potential for other community buildings to go on the market we need more information about what to aim for to assist our community. Laurencekirk development Trust want to develop a local community building fo

St. Laurence Hall

Community Centre (old Primary School)

Purpose built facility close to North end of town

Anything you want to tell us?

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!
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